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Yesterday … You Said Tomorrow. Today is … ‘that’ day.

By Joanne Maly

April 3, 2011

Yesterday … You Said Tomorrow.



The simplicity of these words disguises the depth of this message.

The length of the phrase minimalizes the weight of the thought.

The power in this thought can change a direction.

The direction of a person. A cause. A career. A life.

Did you ever step back and ask yourself what am I putting off until tomorrow that I need to do today?

I saw this particular Nike message a few years ago and it still serves as a wake-up reminder for me.

Yesterday … You Said Tomorrow.

What is it that holds me back from being all that I can be?

From being the person I was created to be?

From being the force of change in the world around me?

From being the quiet when the world is loud?

From being the voice when others won’t speak?

From being the soul when the cause has lost its heart?

What is it that halts me from speaking from my heart for fear that others will think less of me?

What is it that prevents me from being the courageous leader when it is more comfortable to be a silent follower?

What is it that holds me back from speaking the positive when being negative is more popular?

… From being the creative source when others just repeat what is working for others?

What is it that is stopping me from seizing “this” moment?

… From not accepting risk and not taking a chance?

What am I not seeing? Not doing?

What am I not taking personal responsibility for?

What am I waiting until tomorrow to do … when if I could do it now … I could make the difference that is needed … today.

If this was my last day on this planet – what do I need to do?

To make the difference I was meant to make?

If I want to make a difference, then no more tomorrows.


Today is the day.

Today is that day.

I am going to Seize it.

How about you?



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One Response to “Yesterday … You Said Tomorrow. Today is … ‘that’ day.”

  1. Jim says:

    Terrific and thought provoking! Right in line with some of the thoughts spoken by AB this morning.

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