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Excellence Exemplified … quietly

By Joanne Maly

January 23, 2010


Excellence Exemplified … quietly

Excellence and Beauty

Small woman. Beautiful heart.

Deepest soul. Giving soul.

Laughing smile.

Twinkling eyes.

Tender hands. Warm spirit.

Quiet power.

So very missed.

Two events in our own family lately have me reflecting today on the power of individual people in the world around them. One of these family events will be written about another day. The second event though is the focus of today’s post – the death of a special person this week – an aunt (M. B.) – who, simply said, exemplifies excellence.

When I began writing Simply Said blog posts, I knew that I wanted to write about the people and things that inspire me. In-turn, my hope was to inspire readers. My focus would be on excellence in business, in creativity, in marketing, in communication, in leadership – and I’d like to add – life.

There are people in my own life who I could name in a nano-second who define for me ‘the best’. The best CEO. The best corporate executive. The best marketing mind. The best social media trend-setter. The best professor. The best political leader. The best friend.

The most creative musician. The most talented artist. The most Renaissance-like thinker. The most charismatic personality.

To me, M. B. characterizes the impact that one person can make in the world without headlines, clamor and fireworks. Her quiet, understated beauty of spirit evolved throughout her life into an inimitable power that radiated to those who came in contact with her. The person who met her on the elevator at work. The colleague who sat next to her in the office. The person sitting next to her on the bus. The children in the neighborhood. The women and men in her community. Her friends. Her family.

With my marketing hat on, I could say that ‘M’ was the epitome of the concept of viral marketing. She touched a person, a life, a day. That person was then calmed, inspired, loved.  That life was then left changed. That day was then left whole. The chain had begun. That chain of events would continue. Then multiply. And spread … virally.

There is a magic that some people can bring to the world just by the simplicity of being who they are. ‘M’ was this type of magical person with an engaging heart and giving soul. An excellence that so many of us aspire to model.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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8 Responses to “Excellence Exemplified … quietly”

  1. Dino Pelle says:

    What a wonderful testimony. I’ve never met this woman but I certainly wish I had. What a positive influence. Very moving. I’m sorry for your loss.

    • Joanne Maly says:


      Thanks for visiting the Simply Said blog and for your comment this afternoon. I am honored to have you visit. Really.

      My best to you and everyone at Linserpelle Creative.


  2. Mary Jo says:

    Thanks Joanne! I ditto what Jim said. Her life is a model for us all. A woman of faith and love. She will be missed by many, me among them.

  3. Jim Borgman says:

    Thanks for the tribute, Joanne. I am still musing on my mom’s amazing ability to touch so many lives without ever raising her voice or standing in the spotlight. There is power in quietly living a good life and being kind to those within reach.

    • Joanne Maly says:


      … and what an example your mom is that your reach is much larger than you can even comprehend.

      I am blessed to have married into a special family and to have had Aunt Marian love me not as an in-law but as a niece. She will be a role model for me always.



  4. Barb Cooper says:

    So sorry to hear about your aunt’s passing, but what a wonderful tribute to her life you’ve written. Very simply said…and very well done.

    • Joanne Maly says:

      Thanks very much, Barb.

      And congratulations for all the good work you and Barry are doing for our city and for Findlay Market, specifically. You are a positive influence — in your attitude and in pursuing your dream with the excellent start-up of Daisy Mae’s Market this year.


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