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Dreams… and a belief that we can do anything.

By Joanne Maly

December 18, 2009

Dreams… and a belief that we can do anything.

Let me set the stage by sharing that this has been a special week in our family’s lifeline. Some recent family milestones have me in a reflective space – about life, and business, and relationships, and creativity, and energy, and well… life.

Life itself, and our spirit, our motivation, our feeling of our place in the world – can be challenged by the upswings and the lulls; by the always-changing events of our small circles; by the decisions of corporate and government leaders; and on and on. But I am convinced that, ultimately, the moments of personal decision and personal courage determine our personal happiness and our personal success.

Our oldest son, B, became engaged last Saturday night to his awesome girlfriend, R. Another son, J, married his long-time, special girlfriend, MB, in early June. Our daughter, L, took a courageous, life-changing step this fall and moved back to the Midwest from her beloved New York City to make a difference in this part of the country. And a fourth child, T, graduated from college in late August as a mature-beyond-his-years young man ready to set the world on fire (editor’s note: I think he will.)

These scenarios no doubt mirror stories in your own life and in those of your family, your friends, and your colleagues. I am wondering how we can all tap into these magic times and hold on to ‘the positive’; hold on to ‘the energy’; hold on to ‘the contagious spirit.’

Important choices in our lives require preparation, sacrifice, observation, determination, creativity, and a willingness to believe in a dream. The young people described above have had to set their sights on a goal and stay steady – despite setbacks, sadness, negative influences and influencers, disappointments, and naysayers. They believed they could … and they did. They believed in the goodness of another person. They looked for the beauty in another person’s soul. They listened to others’ ideas. They looked for positive leadership and they chose to become positive leaders themselves. They believed in the power of knowledge and the need for personal discipline. They believed in their ideas and their vision for what ‘could be.’ They believed in ‘who they were’ and that ‘they could’ when others thought ‘they couldn’t.’

I’d like to bottle that type of belief, enthusiasm and spirit in a bottle – and sprinkle it on those who live to be negative. Spray it on those who live by the mantra, it can’t be done. Shake some of that magic on those who say I could never do anything like that because my boss won’t let me. Scatter it over those who remain silent because they believe no one would like my idea, so why even say it. Dust it over those who could become something so great – even in their own circle (office, neighborhood, network, city) – but remain stuck in the glue of indecisiveness, negativity, or misdirection.

Have you ever noticed that we are drawn to personalities that radiate energy? We seek out people who are filled with a positive spirit. We want to have the people with the can-do attitude on our team? We can name the people in our lives who stand out because they have a smile in their own soul and they are willing to share it with others. We want to be near others who have ‘life’ in their eyes and they glow with that light.

The newly-engaged, the newly-married, the newly-moved, the newly-hired, the newly graduated – their lights are shining. Their spirit is contagious. Their excitement is infectious.

I believe that you – and I – can each believe more that ‘we can do it.’ Anything. You – and I – can each share our own inner glow more with those we work with, live with. I believe that you – and I – can recapture a dream that lays dormant – and give it wings.

And, I am not going to wait until tomorrow. You?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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Note: Today’s Simply Said blog post is dedicated to B, R, J, MB, L, and T because each of you believed and you share your own light with all who are lucky to be around you.

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4 Responses to “Dreams… and a belief that we can do anything.”

  1. David Schuster says:

    Mrs. Maly,

    This is inspired writing. I enjoyed it. Happy 2010!


  2. Barb says:

    Terrific, inspiring post. So wonderful to read about your family and to be reminded that the journey is not always easy, but the destination is almost always worth it. Merry Christmas! Barb

    • Joanne Maly says:

      Barb, thanks for your kind comments and it feels especially good that this post was inspiring to you. That was my exact wish…. to share the dreams, the path, the challenges and the … well … never-ending cycle.

      Joanne Maly

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